GNC Bioferm

Researches, Develops And Manufactures Safe, Non-gmo And Environmentally Friendly Feed Enzymes For The Feed Industry.

Company Profile

GNC Bioferm Inc. is a biotechnology company incorporated in the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada in 1985 with many years experience in animal nutrition research and fermentation technology.

We research, develop and manufacture feed enzymes with the primary objective of providing safe, economical, environmentally-friendly, and effective enzyme products for the feed industry. Safety is assured by reliance upon the most innocuous enzyme-producing organisms selected for enhanced enzyme production and grown using classical fermentation technologies.

Our products are non-GMO. Efficacy is assured by internal research and quality control, as well as extensive feeding trials in universities, research institutions, and industry.

GNC Bioferm products feature high enzymatic activity with corresponding low inclusion rates, making GNC Bioferm enzyme products among the most cost-effective products available anywhere. We are committed to continuing our search to provide biotechnological advantages for the feed industry through feed enzyme development.