Amylofeed (Reg. No. 480230) was originally designed for baby pigs, but recently has been registered for poultry as well. A principal activity of Amylofeed is α-amylase, which is limited during the crucial transition from sow’s milk to solid food. Similarly, it is recognized that chicks may be deficient in α-amylase during the transition from yolk to feed. Amylofeed contains β-glucanase and xylanase to facilitate degradation of cell walls, as well as secondary activities targeting soy meal.

Amylofeed is added at 500 g per tonne for starter diets, and may be replaced by Endofeed or Endofeed W once this critical period has passed. Amylofeed activity and stability is compatible with acidified starter feeds. GNC has enjoyed a long and productive relationship with Easy Biosystems, in which has resulted in the development of feed enymes targeting corn- soybean based diets, as well as DDGS based on corn.

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