General Product Description Profile:

High potency multi-enzyme products intended for poultry or piglet diets. The multi-enzyme complexes in GNC Bioferm products target non-starch polysaccharide across feed ingredients thus maximizing flexibility in feed formulation.

Ingredients: GNC Bioferm products contain Aspergillus niger or Aspergillus oryzae fermentation product with barley malt sprouts dehydrated as carrier and standardizer.

Appearance: Light brown powder with particle size between 50-200 microns and specific gravity of 2.5 cm3 /gram.

Compatibility: The products are compatible with all feed macro- and micro-ingredients. Particle size is compatible with low inclusion rates and premix applications. Packaging: Standard packaging is 20 kg woven poly bag with moisture resistant plastic lining.

Storage: Stability tests under dry warehouse conditions show no changes in enzyme activity during a 36 month period. Enzyme activity is guaranteed for a storage period of 24 months.

Handling and Safety: No withdrawal period is required as products are free of antimicrobial activity. Avoid inhalation of dust in accordance with standard feed manufacturing practices.