Product Registration

GNC Bioferm products are registered for use and have been marketed world-wide for many years. Noteworthy achievements have been the first product registered in Canada, as well as the first NSPase product (Endofeed DC, E 1601) to achieve permanent approval for broilers and layers in the European Union. Hens fed Endofeed DC produced heavier eggs resulting in higher commercial egg classification, and a premium price.

Amylofeed was among the first feed enzymes to achieve permanent EU approval for use in weaned piglets (E1612). The EU regulatory standards are the most demanding in the world. Both Endofeed DC and Amylofeed have recently (2017) achieved re-registration in the EU.

GNC products are marketed exclusively in the EU by Andrés Pintaluba, S.A.

Endo Power and Easyzyme

GNC has enjoyed a long and productive relationship with Easy Bio, Inc. which has resulted in the development of feed enzymes targeting corn-soybean based diets, as well as DDGS based on corn. These products are marketed exclusively by Easy Bio, Inc. (